Decisions and “Toes in the Sand”

There’s nothing like a bright sunny day, with the kiss of a breeze blowing in off of the water to make a beach trip perfect. There are so many opportunities for the perfect camera shot to present itself. The rushing waves wash over the sandy shore and then retreat leaving behind small and colorful treasures from the ocean. Our Eastern coastal waters don’t usually allow many large and unbroken shells to survive intact to reach the beaches. However, the colorful blend of small shells, eye catching in the early morning sunlight more than make up for the lack of size. Our beach trip this time was for two reasons. We wanted to enjoy a relaxing time together and secondly, we needed to make a career decision about something we wanted to do.

The time had come to make a decision whether or not to move forward with the creation of a web site. I create oil, acrylic and water color paintings and ceramic artwork. Mark creates intricate designs in knot work and both of us share a love of nature photography. Sitting on the beach, watching the waves, Mark and I talked about how much we both enjoy creating works of art. We discussed the possibility of placing a web site on the internet to display our artworks. In some ways the internet is like the ocean, deep, vast and filled with so many things that one could search forever and still not discover the full content. As the waves moved in closer and the sun’s rays of light were turning the tops of the waves into sparkling gems of light, we knew it was time to dive into that deep internet ocean. The decision made, we stood up and enjoyed watching the frothy waves come in, breaking over our toes and pulling the sand from around our feet. Digging our toes in the sand, it reminded me of a favorite Jimmy Buffet song. What a wonderful day to be getting an ocean wave foot massage!

Returning home after that trip turned into a most busy time. My shop, long left at rest while I worked at a local law firm as a librarian, needed my attention. Crafting supplies were inventoried and based on need, discarded or kept. Ceramic molds, used for low-fire, stoneware and porcelain clays were weeded through. A special area was set aside for my oil painting equipment. The sky light gave me perfect natural light which always helps when trying to mix paints to the perfect hue or shade for a sky scene or forest glen. Pieces of artwork that had been packed up for years were unpacked, dusted and placed on the display shelves. Page Progressive, Inc. was selected to create our web site. We are eagerly looking forward to sharing our artwork. Until our official web site is up and working, please follow progress on our Facebook business listing, Carter Works, Inc. That way we can stay in touch as we get our official web site up and running. Oh yes, and Hi-Fives to my husband who is letting me occasionally use our pool table as a work station, covered of course by a sturdy piece of fabric covered plywood.