December 2012 – Painting Christmas Cards and Ornaments

What a busy time this month has been!  Lots of gifts for friends in the process of being created.  I find that children so enjoy being able to use colored paper, sparkles and scissors with plenty of kid friendly glue so they can create the perfect card.  If you are one of the lucky ones to get that card, be sure to treasure it, for all too soon those years will be gone.  You’ll be getting the standard Hallmark card and gift card.  In my cedar chest are many handmade treasures.   Someday, our son and grandchildren will sort through all the items I have kept and choose their favorites.  It’s going to be the same story for our Christmas tree decorations.  I have been making handmade ornaments for our trees for at least 35 years.   Someday these ornaments will be making their home on their Christmas trees and a little part of Grandpa and me will be there with them.  Call me sentimental or an old softy, but that’s okay, I readily admit that I am.  Hope that you all are giving your families lots of chances to create Christmas treasures.  Trust me, it won’t be long before these items will be cherished and wind up decorating trees for their families.

Hat’s off to Jerry’s Artarama for their wonderful sales have made it easy to stock up on items that regularly get used.  The wish book catalog made it easy to pick some neat items for gifts that will make my crafter friends happy and busy.   Naturally, I got a gift card, but then got surprised with a trip to their store on the 26th for the 20% off of all items.  Nothing like a husband who knows what kind of after Christmas shopping his wife really enjoys!  You can bet he got a big kiss for that delightful surprise.

For our customers who have enjoyed our photography packages, you will be excited to know that we have added a Nikon D7000 to our camera collection.  We are planning a photo shoot trip to our North Carolina coast and  beach areas for some great winter shots.  There is just something that I cannot describe about our beaches and ocean waves in the winter.   It has an almost mystical feeling that is enhanced by the cold waves breaking against the shoreline.  I hope to catch a couple of fluffed up gulls or sea terns and get some good shots of them with my camera.  Of course I will be eagerly looking for some nature scenes that will just pop up, so wish me luck!

It’s been fun to see how well my love of watercolor picture creation is being embraced by my wonderful customers.  I am in the process of having a special ID seal created for each watercolor that I do.  Don’t worry if you have one of my watercolors, as I have your name listed and will be sure that your treasure will get its seal as soon as we get it back from the ordering company.  I am currently working on a fruit bowl and some flowers and butterflies.  I am taking a bit of a respite from working with oils.  I have finished three more, but think that will be it for at least a month.  Of course if you have a request, please let me know.  I want to make  sure that you, our customer, knows that your inquiries and requests do come first.

I hope that this newsletter finds each of you in good health and happiness and recovering from having a most Merry Christmas.  For our customers who allowed us to be part of furnishing a gift for someone, Thank You, it was our pleasure.  This December brought with it both joy and sadness.  Our hearts and prayers go out to those who are recovering from Hurricane Sandy and for those who lost loved ones in the tragedy at Sandy Hook School.  As we come upon this New Year 2013,  it is our hope here at Carter Works Art, that you each will  find the New Year to be one of blessings and good cheer for your families.    As always, thanks for reading our newsletter and do send us any comments that will help us to serve you better.