September 2013 – Fall Focus Goals, Lessons & Healing Tiles Project Work

True artists are always involved in two things.  Taking a lesson from an admired teacher or teaching a class of students a new way to accomplish a desired art technique.  It seems that for most of the Summer and now as Fall begins, I am focused on expanding my knowledge level in some interesting multimedia techniques.  I cannot take full credit for my interest, as it was started by one of  my teachers at the North Carolina Museum of Art.  For those of you who can take advantage of the classes offered by the museum, you will find it to be time well spent. Spending time at our NC Museum of Art reviewing art paintings and stone works that are several hundred years old has given me good time to think about what matters are important for us.  As a result of thinking about what we want for our future here at Carter Works Art, the next three months will be filled with working to accomplish three goals that we have decided will be good for our future growth as an art studio.

The first goal is to complete painting at least four 2′ x 2′ ceiling panels for the Healing Ceilings Project.  This wonderful project was started by Amy Jo Edwards.  She has a Facebook page,   and is,  to borrow from her description line,  “The Love Train Brain Child of Amy Jo Edwards – Creating, Donating and Installing original art on ceiling tiles within adult cancer treatment centers.”  This is an awesome project and many local and not so local artists are getting on board with painting their beautiful works of art and donating them to the cancer centers for installation.  If you happen to be interested in doing this I would advise contacting Amy and she can let you know how to proceed to create an art ceiling tile.  Her email address is :  .  Mark and I had a chance to visit the Cancer Centers of NC over on Macon Pond Road and view the painted ceiling tiles that are there.  The beauty of the painted ceiling tiles surpasses my ability to describe it.  Carter Works Art is very happy to be a part of this “Love Train Creation”.

The second goal is to devote myself to taking advantage of the upcoming Art of the Carolinas 2013 show.  Great teachers will be offering top notch classes for all who wish to increase their knowledge and skills levels in their artistic endeavors.  Vendors will also be coming in from all over the country, bringing in some of the best art supplies that can be found anywhere.  If you are interested in attending classes, be sure to choose your class or classes and register early.  Visit their website:   Plenty of information that you will enjoy exploring.  Dates for the show are Thursday,  November 7th through Sunday, November 10th, 2013.

The third goal is to continue with our advertising on Facebook and other media outlets so that we can continue to grow a healthy customer base for Carter Works Art.  By advertising on Facebook, we have seen our customer list grow and the number of “Likes” that our Facebook page receives has almost increased by half since starting this back in the later part of August.  We are beginning to notice that more people are expressing an interest in purchasing gifts for friends and family that reflect more of what that particular person likes.  The fact that artworks are locally made  by the artists in our community is also a drawing card for those who are looking for special gifts that have that personal touch.  We are committed to bringing attention to our artwork and specialty items by offering chances for our customers to be entered into drawings for special gifts created by our own hands.  We are thankful for and most appreciative of every customer who gives us the chance to create and sell them an artwork.  It means more than I can say.

So until our next newsletter,

Take Care,

Dianna & Mark Carter