December 2013 – Carter Works Art Now Member of Wake Forest Guild of Artists

As an artist, one of the things that brings joy is to be able to share time with other artists.  Several people had mentioned different groups but they were all twenty plus miles from my home studio.  That being said, you can imagine my happiness in discovering that Wake Forest had an artist group with many talented members.  It was great to meet them and to join the Wake Forest Guild of Artists last month.  Having the friendship and support from fellow artists has always been something  I have enjoyed.  Over the years, time and life events came together and  separated me from those that I had spent many a happy time, painting with and learning new art techniques together.   I am so thankful that I have pictures of some of those times and the good friends that shared those times with me way back when.   Being a new member in the Wake Forest Guild of Artists will give me something that has been missing since I’ve returned to the art world.  It’s a great opportunity to make friends and enjoy participating in the Guild’s activities.  Carter Works Art Studio is located about 5 miles from downtown Wake Forest, thus it’s a short distance to their meeting areas.

In last month’s newsletter,  I listed some tips for those who are new to taking workshop classes  or haven’t taken a painting workshop in a while.  I was glad to know that it was an appreciated part of our newsletter.   I did hear some war stories from those who had been tossed into a class and the supply list did not have everything listed that was needed.  My helpful tips came from having had some of those experiences myself.  An incomplete supply list makes for needless classroom stress. In the best case, it happens when you are taking the workshop in an art store.  The worst case is always when you are in an area where nothing can be purchased.  You then have to throw yourself on the mercy of your fellow students who do have what is missing and can or will share.  Either way, it is a learning experience.  I’d suggest tucking that newsletter away for future reference.

Carter Works Art would like to give a shout out to Jerry’s Artarama, located in Raleigh, NC,  for their part in making Art of the Carolinas 2013 a good success!  There were a couple of things that had been changed in the way purchases were made.  It did make for a rough first day [Friday] with endless lines of customers waiting to check-out.  While it did start out rough, eventually the system was tweaked and was much improved later on that day and seemed better on Saturday and Sunday.  A suggestion I’d like to make for next year’s show would be to make sure that featured artists recommended brush sets and supplies are in good quantity.  I was taking Sterling Edwards watercolor workshops and there were some artists that missed getting the large brushes that Sterling uses for his painting style.  Unfortunately, between the store and the show supply vendors, Sterling’s complete brush sets and single brushes were not readily available.   I am sure that this probably wasn’t the only product that was out of stock, but critical workshop supply items such as brushes or certain paints really need to be in abundant supply.

Another great shout out goes to Cheap Joe’s Art Supply, located in the scenic town of Boone, North Carolina.   Their customer service sales staff strives to make sure that any product I am ordering from them is exactly what I am looking for.  I usually get free shipping and have been pleased with the generous amount of items they have on sale.  I have been using their line of American Journey Professional Artists watercolors and the colors are breath-taking.   If I receive an unsatisfactory paint product, all it takes is a quick phone call and a new tube of paint is quickly mailed to me.  I’m able to just toss the defective color in the trash.  To me, the fact that they act on my word demonstrates a level of trust which means a lot to me.  Carter Works Art, a small one artist studio, based in  Youngsville, North Carolina, is treated as a valuable customer.  Cheap Joe’s can look forward to my taking one of their art courses this coming year.  So, thank you Cheap Joe’s for great service and products I have received from you this year.

As I approach the end of this last newsletter for 2013, let me take this opportunity to thank those customers who have made purchases from Carter Works Art this year.  Thanks to each of you who have visited our website and signed up for our newsletter.  Thanks to each of you who has taken time to visit our Facebook page [by using the link placed on our website home page] and “Liked” our business.  The positive support I have received for each of the healing ceiling tiles that I have shared on Facebook means so much to me.  I am looking forward to the New Year with a joyful heart.  Carter Works Art is becoming a familiar word in Wake Forest, Raleigh and Youngsville, North Carolina. I am eagerly looking forward to new painting projects, continuing our involvement with the Healing Ceilings Love Train and concentrating more on our photography projects.  To all our customers, product suppliers, friends and workshop teachers, Merry Christmas and a most Happy New Year!!


Dianna and Mark Carter