January 2014 – Carter Works Art – Raleigh & Wake Forest, NC.

Here we are at the beginning of a fresh New Year, 2014.  We have about 357 new days left to plan how to expand  artistic opportunities so that we finish the year with a great feeling of accomplishment.  For Carter Works, Inc., it was a big step taken in the Winter of 2011 to launch our new website.  We only went forward with our plans after giving it much prayer, thought and commitment to spending the necessary funds to do it right.  Page Progressive’s Daniel Trimpey and his talented staff listened to our ideas and using their skills, created our website.  Here, you are able to view our artwork and use our ordering system to purchase any items that you’d like to have as a keepsake or treasured gift for that special someone.

It was during this time of creation that my husband,  Mark Carter, President of Carter Works, Inc., realized that our website was the answer to the prayers we had prayed for guidance regarding what our future working endeavors would be.  Photography is something that we both enjoy.  It shows in our photo collection.  I have painted for years, using many different types of media and painting surfaces.  The awards that I received for my artwork were great, but actually doing the work was the best part of the experience.  Now both of us enjoy sharing our love of photography and it has given me some wonderful material for artistic creations.  I have also started learning something new to me.  I am now learning how to tie Paracord bracelets and necklaces.  For me, it is a break from painting and is a type of fun hobby for me.  What better teacher could I have than my own darling husband?  He and I have fun together doing his craft.  However, he has told me that he doesn’t want to paint so I guess we will have fun with him teaching me to tie all the different knots.

I am in the midst of working on 4 paintings, one of which has just been finished, “Springtime’s Coming”.  My next project will be to finish “Out West”  and also work on finishing an oil painting of the beach with neat clouds and waves breaking along the shore.  I have been asked to provide a selection of paintings for one of my business connections.  It will be nice to have a special place to show some of my favorite pieces.   This year promises to be full of opportunities both from a painting standpoint and also an exploration into the world of abstract painting.  I really enjoy creating works of art using a mixed media routine.  As one not usually led to paint in abstract form, this is a great chance to expand my knowledge base and grow in appreciating styles of painting that are taking me out of my comfort zone.

In this New Year, I have a suggestion for those of you who used to work in an art or craft hobby.  The working world now is so different and stress is almost a constant companion for many people.  If there are children in your lives, what about introducing them to the art or craft that you had at one time found time for and enjoyed doing?  There is something relaxing and peaceful about using your imagination to pursue creating an item that you find beautiful.  Sharing this with your children gives you a chance to revisit that time in our lives when we did something simply for the pure joy of doing it.  Our children still have that ability to do that and they will appreciate having a chance to share it with Mom or Dad.   Find some interesting small rocks  and glue them together to make a small figurine.  A little bit of painting and some tufts of fake fur can  be the perfect paperweight for you to use at work.  I always love gluing plastic eyes on my little critters.  It gives them a special “look”.   My  grandkids enjoyed taking a piece of  fuzzy fake fur and gluing eyes to it.  My main piece of advice is to make sure that all art supplies used are age appropriate for the children using them.

During our future newsletters, I will be discussing more about painting techniques, best places to shop for supplies and sharing information about upcoming classes and art exhibitions.  As a member of the Wake Forest Guild of Artists, I am looking forward to participating in the group activities that are planned for us.  I will continue taking classes at the North Carolina Museum of Art.  It is a great way to meet ordinary people like me, who share the love of art.  Oh yes, it bodes to be a very busy year for us here at Carter Works Art.

Best Wishes to you all for a Great New Year!

Dianna & Mark Carter