CarterWorksArt – Youngsville, Wake Forest & Raleigh NC April 2014

Change, change and more change.  Lots of things are still going on at our studio.  We have changed over to PayPal as our credit card provider.   We had been using as our credit card provider and it has proven to be problematic in getting everything to be correct in closing the account.  We are also now listing items on eBay and it is giving us a chance to have more variety in what we are selling.   During the next couple of months we will continue to focus on what works for us.  Ceramic molds and associated items will be sold.  Only specialty clay art items will be offered.   CarterWorksArt will be selling on eBay  new and used molds to those who are still active in ceramics.

We are also discontinuing painting any of the wooden art pieces that have been offered in the past.  Many of the unpainted wooden items will be sold on eBay at or below our cost.  Many of the items were handmade by wood crafters.  Mark has started to hand carve natural wood walking sticks.  Each one that he has worked on thus far has been unique in its creation.  The actual wooden sticks are coming from trees growing on the acres that we own and are being aged in our kiln shop.  I hope to have some examples of his work up on the website soon.  Mark is finding his return to wood carving to be enjoyable but also a bit tiring.  At this point in time once the last of our Paracord items are sold, we will be discontinuing  Paracord items for sale.

The main focus of our website will be to display for sale watercolor, oil and acrylic art paintings and nature photography.   The downsizing and discontinuing of different crafts that I have worked on in the past will free up time and space in my studio.   There comes a time in every artist’s life when he or she must step back and take an honest look at how thin they have spread themselves in artwork production.  I have arrived at that point.  It is not a hard choice to make.  Common sense tells me that pleasure and happiness is much better than trying to do too much in the creation of art.  I can tell you that the day I decide that putting paintbrush to paper is no longer bringing me joy, it too, will cease to be something that I do.

For those of you who have been asking about my writings, here’s a tidbit for you.  I have just started working on the creation of a new blog website that will be devoted to all those stories that you have told me, “Dianna, you really need to write a book.”   It will be separate from our  newsletter and website.  More to follow on that project in our next newsletter.

I know that for Mark and me, April and May will contain many changes.  As a former employer once told me and some other co-workers at a staff meeting a few years ago,  we staff were to reach out and embrace change.  At least in this case, my embracing of change won’t involve getting the number of the bus that ran over me.

Here’s to hoping that each of you have a wonderful April!

Dianna and Mark Carter